Debt Advice Agency

If you are struggling with debt you have come to the right place, Milton & Stirling can reduce the stress of being in debt with great debt advice, quick action, all inclusive assistance and referring you to carefully selected solution providers.

No matter what solution you feel is best it is always best to get debt advice from a regulated debt advisor as it is vital to know the pros and cons of each solution.

Debt Solutions

See a range of debt solutions Milton & Stirling can advise you on

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

A solution available for residents in England, Wales & Northern Ireland. If you have over £6,000 of unsecured debt this form of insolvency may be a good solution which can get you debt free in as little as five years.

Protected Trust Deed (PTD)

A solution available for residents in Scotland. If you have over £6,000 of unsecured debt this form of insolvency may be a good solution which can get you debt free in as little as four years.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

A legally binding debt repayment plan released by the Scottish Government in 2004 that allows Scottish residents avoid insolvency solutions and repay the debt they owe at an affordable rate until debt free, you do not pay back more than the debt you owe.

Bankruptcy (Sequestration in Scotland)

Bankruptcy can seem daunting but not with Milton & Stirling. With our all inclusive debt advice and assistance taking a step to prevent further stress with debt can sometimes be the best solution to allow you financial freedom.

IVA'S IN ENGLAND & WALES Per Year (2019)​
DAS Cases per year in Scotland (2020)
individual insolvencies in 2020 (UK)

Benefits of debt advice from Milton & Stirling

What we expect you to achieve after debt advice from Milton & Stirling

Peace of Mind

Know your rights

Our advisors will ensure you know of the solutions available to you that can offer peace of mind knowing their is a plan to help.

Quick Action

Reduce the stress

When in debt it can more often than not be vital to act quickly before your situation gets worse and at Milton & Stirling we are always striving to improve the time taken to put protection in place for our clients.

Instant Debt Advice

No need to wait weeks

At Milton & Stirling we aim to get you advice as quick as you need it and we aim to get you your debt advice call within four hours during our opening hours.

Online Technology

From the comfort of your home

We use the latest technology within the debt advice industry to ensure you do not have to leave home for your advice or providing us with documentation as you can now do this via a smartphone.

Free advice is also available from Money Helper

Money Helper is a free and impartial Debt Advice service by the government.

Credit Counselling

When getting debt advice it is important for you to avoid these mistakes in the future and at Milton & Stirling we are there all of the way from finding out who exactly you owe money to – to ensuring you have the affordability to pay for the things you need in day to day life.

Why Choose Our Firm

Debt Advice Specialists

Experienced Advisors

Our advisors go through a vigiourous training programme to ensure the debt advice you will receive will be of the highest standard

Best Case Stratergy

We will always aim to get you the result you want to achieve with ensuring your case is dealt with promptly and always with your best interests at heart

Review Your Case

After receiving the relevant documentation needed for your case our team will review your case to ensure the solution chosen is right for you

Milton & Stirling Debt Advice

How we carry out our debt advice

Make an enquiry with the best details to contact you to arrange your debt advice via the telephone, which usually lasts around twenty minutes on the telephone which will be done during our opening hours - Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 19:30 & Friday's 09:00 - 17:00.
After giving you specific debt advice tailored for you, once you have chosen a solution your debt advisor to assist you will send you a link to our system using the latest technology to gather documents needed to check your eligibility for the chosen solution.
Once we have gathered your documents we will build a case for the chosen solution and refer you to a solutions provider to administer your case.

Milton & Stirling will be with you the whole way and you can always contact us for advice until you are debt free.